WordPress p5.js

I developed a plugin for WordPress that allows for seamless integration of p5.js sketches, allowing artists, designers and developers to add some spice to their websites presentation.

Davel 2023

I designed and developed the website for the participatory exhibition ‘Davel ou la vocation citoyenne,’ which was produced by several services of the Etat de Vaud. As well as making resources available for download, I focused on maintaining a coherent and visually pleasing design fitting with the exhibition’s visual identity.


I created a showcase website to present Arty, the image viewer I co-developed during a class. The website features an overview of the application’s features, usage examples, and screenshots, presented in a modern and responsive design. Built using Jekyll with a customized version of the Minima theme, the website aims to present Arty in a professional and user-friendly way to potential users.

MM’s Team

I created a full redesign and restructuration of this website, migrating its contents from Dreamweaver to WordPress in order to modernize the design, make it mobile-friendly, and make the content easier to navigate.