Limited is a strategy game in which you manage an island and carefully plan the exploitation of its resources until they eventually run out. This game was made during the 2019 “2D video games development” course at UNIL, given by Isaac Pante.

Limited was exhibited at DHdays 2022 and at the Numerik Games Festival 2022.


It’s Your Turn to Hide

It’s Your Turn to Hide is a 2D sidescroller stealth game made in 48h during the LvlUp Game Jam 2021.

It’s Your Turn to Hide won the jam’s “Best Story-Driven” award.



Electro-Pong is a circular remake of Pong, with an extra layer of electromagnetic interference. This game was made in collaboration with engineering students during the 2020 “Video Games and Gamification” course at EPFL, given by Yannick Rochat and Selim Krichane.



In this game, you grow roots and tiny critters come live in a tree. The game was made during the Global Game Jam 2023 in Geneva.


Burger Runner

Burger Runner is a local 4-players racing and sumo game made in 24h during the Orbital Game Jam 2020.

Admittedly, making a 4-player local multiplayer game during an online game jam wasn’t a very good idea, because nobody was able to play as intended.


Fly, Fix, Die

Fly, Fix, Die is a casual game where you play as an astronaut tasked with repairing a rocket while it flies. This game was made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2020 in Geneva.

This games suffers from a core game loop that is too complicated for it to pretend to being a casual game. In fact, the game would probably have worked better had we not introduced the rocket sections of different materials.