Welcome to my digital portfolio, a place where I explore the intersection of culture and technology. As a master student in Digital Humanities and Computer Science for the Humanities, I’m deeply interested by the ways in which these two fields intersect to shape our world. I hope to showcase on this website some of my research, insights, and creative works.

Video games are a particular interest of mine, as they represent a unique form of interactive media that bridges artistic and technical domains. I am interested in the artistic, cultural, and technical aspects of games, and in exploring how interactive media allow us to create singular and immersive experiences.

My work is driven by a passion for both the humanities and technology, and the belief that their convergence holds immense potential for shaping the future of our culture and society. Whether you’re a fellow student, a gamer, or simply someone curious about the intersections of culture and technology, I hope that you will find some thing of value here.

Thank you for visiting.

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